Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Muppets for the 4th of July

Ok, a bit later than the 4th, but I figure we here at "Holiday Film Reviews" can stay in the spirit all week if we feel so inclined (and I assure you, we feel inclined).

We were traveling home from July 3rd fireworks (a new Richmond area tradition, that I rather hope continues - we watched from Oregon Hill rather than Brown's Island on the grounds that it would be less crowded, but still fun) and listening to one of our favorite programs (Can't Stop The Music) on one of our favorite local radio stations (WRIR 97.3) while an Impressive Thunderstorm crackled all around us. The program was devoted to quirky, somewhat off the beaten track music in honor of the 4th of July for the evening and they played this:

It's a 2008 clip of the Muppets' take on Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever" march and it was brilliant, so I am sharing it with you, dear readers, now.

More 4th of July fun coming later this week!

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