Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family Ties: "A Christmas Story"

RigbyMel says:

Family Ties: A Christmas Story which is from the first season of the show, first aired December 15, 1982 and is episode # 11 according to IMDB. It centers around the Keatons being unable to go on their Christmas skiing trip and instead sitting around the living room and reminiscing about the births of Alex, Mallory and Jennifer.

It was interesting, not wonderful, but interesting. I spent much of the episode being distracted and appalled by how terrible 80s clothing was and how relatively low budget the production values were. I definitely didn't remember this aspect of the show - then again, I was less critical about such things in the 80s. This episode is not a "classic" by any stretch of the imagination, but if you enjoyed Family Ties, it is a good way to get your nostalgia on.

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J.A. Morris says:

We're in agreement on this episode.

'Family Ties' was one of my favorite shows of the 80s, but it's been several years since I watched the series. I found most of the jokes fell flat in this episode. Not due to outdated references, but just weak writing.
On a more positive note,the flashback sequences served as a nice "origin story"(as they say in comics) of the Keatons. And it was nice to learn more about Steven and Elyse's backstory(such as their time in the Peace Corps).

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