Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas is CANCELLED!

No, of course Christmas isn't really cancelled!  However, fans of holiday specials and episodes will recall that the cancellation of Christmas is a common trope, usually due to Santa's inability to embark on his worldwide journey. 

Longtime readers will recall that during past holiday seasons, we've written a series of reviews that focus on certain Christmas themes or actors.  For example, we reviewed a series of specials, shows and episodes that featured the Muppets.  Another year we reviewed multiple adaptations of A Christmas Carol

Some TV series produce multiple Christmas episodes.  For example, The Waltons featured four Yuletide episodes, The Bob Newhart Show had a Christmas episode every season.  Other long-running series never produced any holiday episodes.

For Christmas 2017, we turn our Yuletide spotlight on shows that ran only one season or less that produced Christmas episodes.  We will look at series we enjoyed during their brief runs and (in some cases) we'll discuss why we think these shows were cancelled.

So stop by tomorrow for our first review of Christmas episodes of short-lived series!

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