Sunday, December 6, 2015

Announcing: Christmas With The Superheroes

Superheroes have been a staple of popular culture for generations.  Ever since Superman first appeared in 1938, these larger-than-life characters have been featured in comic books, movies, television, newspaper strips, etc.  Right now, superheroes seem to be "having a moment."  It's hard to visit a multiplex that isn't showing a superhero movie.  You can find these heroes on prime time network dramas and animated series aimed at kids.

These heroes spend most of their time saving the world from megalomaniacal supercriminals.

But what about the holiday season?  Do superheroes celebrate Christmas?

Does the Tick love Santa?

Does Clark Kent shop for Christmas presents?

Does Kitty Pryde celebrate Hanukkah?

Do members of the Justice League build snowmen? 

As it turns out, yes they do! 

We're big fans of superheroes, and we're (obviously) fond of holiday programming.  While searching for content to review for this blog, we've learned there are plenty of holiday specials, episodes and movies that feature superheroes!  So this Christmas season, we'll be focusing on superhero-themed reviews.  Some of the episodes/specials/movies are things we've seen years ago, others will be new to us.

In the past, we've reviewed the Christmas episode of Batman:The Brave And The Bold...

 ...and Iron Man 3, which takes place during the holiday season.

Those reviews inspired us to seek out other superpowered Yule offerings.  So please join us for an action-packed, heroic holiday celebration throughout the month!

J.A. Morris & RigbyMel

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