Thursday, January 23, 2014

A special announcement from Holiday Film Reviews

Christmas movies have been a staple of the holiday season for almost as long as the film industry has existed.  From the 1910 silent adaptation of A Christmas Carol, to White Christmas to Fred Claus, the majority of Christmas films have been released in November or December.

But some were released out of season, including some perennial holiday staples and some modern "classics".

For example, did you know Miracle On 34th Street was released in May?  Christmas In Connecticut  premiered in August.  The song "Silver Bells" was written for The Lemon Drop Kid, but that film was released in the Spring of 1951.  

Starting tomorrow, we will occasionally review holiday movies on the anniversary of their original release date.  We don't plan to blog about Christmas programming year round, but we would like to post more content here.  This seemed like a good way to do that.

Released January 12, 1940.

So stop by tomorrow and read out first "out of season" Christmas review!

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